COVID-19 Information & Resources

Virtual Options

What enrollment options are available?

1. Full-time Virtual for grades K-5

  • Students will receive virtual instruction daily at a scheduled time.
  • Students must be present, prepared, and engaged for the daily instruction at the specified time. Attendance requirements are the same as in the traditional school settings.
  • Students will be required to report to their school campus at a set time each week for testing, progress monitoring, and to receive materials and supplies needed for lessons.
  • The weekly on campus meetings will be from 1 to 1.5 hours in duration and transportation must be provided by parents / guardians.
  • Bus transportation is not provided.

2. Full-time Virtual for grades 6-12

  • Students complete all coursework from home, and may use the Virtual Academy lab for additional assistance during operational hours.
  • Students are required to take all tests at the CCSS Virtual Academy lab.
  • First time full-time virtual students will also be required to attend a minimum of 3-hours per day at the Virtual Academy lab during the first two weeks of the semester.
  • Bus transportation is not provided.

3. Hybrid Virtual for grades 6-12

  • Students attend Central Middle and High School and utilize the on-site virtual lab for specified courses.
  • Students complete specified courses through the Virtual Academy, and attend PE, electives, and lunch with other students at Central Middle and High School.